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You may be surprised to discover that boomers (ages 54-72) are the fastest-growing group of new business owners in the U.S. today – starting one out of four new businesses!

More and more of us are jumping on the entrepreneurial track for the first time at 50, 60 or older.

At this point in life, starting a business can be scary and very exhilarating at the same time – quite possibly for the first time in your work life you’re able to turn your ideas into action, quickly and without the interference of higher-ups.


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Enroll in the Go and Grow membership and I’ll personally record an interview with you to tell listeners about yourself and your new business idea. You can talk about what motivated you to choose your particular business and how you expect to solve problems or address needs. I’ll send you a mp3 file of the interview for you to use as you wish. And we’ll post your interview to our online community as part of our popular “Running a Great Business After 50” podcast series.

So, sign up today.

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Over the past thirty years I’ve had the great pleasure of guiding hundreds of my boomer peers to turn a skill, interest or good product idea into great businesses.

Along the way, I’ve developed a support network for what I do every day and I benefit every day from networking with my fellow boomer entrepreneurs. I’m a curious person so each week I commit myself to learning at least one new way to grow my business more quickly and profitably.

I want to share my network, supporters and learning resources with you.

Whether you’re ready to become one of the estimated 115,000 new boomer business owners this year, or you’ve already launched your boomer business, I’ve designed the Boomer Biz Zone™ to provide you with a single source for all the learning, counseling, training, planning, services and networking you need and desire to make your life as a boomer entrepreneur as rich and fruitful as you possible.

Starter Club Membership

Our Starter Club Membership is specially designed for anyone just starting to think about becoming their own boss.

Learn more about the program.

Go & Grow Membership

Our Go & Grow Membership is perfect for anyone well focused on a specific business idea who’s ready to get his business up and running. Also great for owners of existing boomer businesses looking for help to grow the business more quickly and profitably.

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Thank you for visiting Boomer Biz Zone.

We look forward to you joining our community where you can always find the help and connections you’re looking for.


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