Meet Us


Meet Us

Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, award-winning business coach and founder of

My writing has been published by Forbes and Next Avenue (PBS), and I have been quoted in Fortune,, CNN Money, and many other outlets. Over twenty-five years in business, thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs have sought my guidance in creating businesses to fit their lifestyle.

At heart, I am a trainer and coach.

Growing up, I heard my grandmother say, “It’s not enough to learn something — you have to share it with other people, too.” That’s why, at 10 years old, I was teaching my Little League buddies how to do the hook slide my brother had shown me. It’s why, in my early 20s, I tutored non-English-speaking adults outside of my corporate marketing job. And it’s why, in my late 30s, I left that corporate job and devoted my marketing skills to helping new entrepreneurs through coaching.

Who I Help

Primarily, I work with aspiring business owners over age 50 — mostly baby boomers, like me. I love working with this demographic, for several reasons.

They know the value of good advice.
Want to improve your golf swing? A boomer knows to take lessons from a golf pro. Want to improve your business idea? He or she will hire a coach like me. I help aspiring entrepreneurs “improve their swing,” so to speak.

They’re driven.
Something happens when people turn 50. A switch flips, and they realize time is running out. If they’re going to pursue an alternate path, now is the time.

They don’t need an employer to be happy.
Boomers weary of corporate life are ready for something new. They’ve realized they can walk away from the ego politics, unexpected downsizings, and lack of balance between work and leisure time. Those who, like me, found that corporate employment was not as fulfilling as they’d hoped quickly learn that being an entrepreneur can be everything they dream.

Typically, my clients fit one of these descriptions:

• They always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and are now ready to make the leap.
• They never imagined they’d start a business … until they got laid off.
• They retire (perhaps via an early retirement package) but don’t want to stop working entirely.

What I Do

Businesses succeed for one simple reason: They solve people’s problems. I teach clients to identify problems that their particular expertise can solve. Then together we build a business to their specifications.

Once we solidify the business idea, I guide the client through each step of setting up a business.

But I don’t just tell them what to do. I help them do it.

That’s why my coaching program is different than other resources.

I provide a team of experts to execute critical business tasks so everything gets done, in the right order — from business registration to website creation to a sales promotion process.

For clients who came up in the corporate world, accustomed to working in specialized departments, this type of support is a natural fit.

I’ve shown thousands how to start a business after 50.

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